Let me show you how beautiful you are.

After graduating Bennington College, Kate pursued an acting career in New York City. There she found she’d inherited, through her make-up and wardrobe processes, an exceptional eye for design and color from her artist mother, Carole Goldsborough McMillen and a hand/eye attention to detail from her surgeon father, Richard H. Goldsborough MD. Using her innate talent, she quickly rose to become an essential and respected stylist within her profession. In her own business in Littleton, New Hampshire, now in its 25th year, Kate has become “The Style and Beauty Whisperer.” Through her“urban tastes with a down-to-earth style,” Kate helps women with their look from brows to boots. An accomplished hair stylist, makeup artist and clothing consultant, she’s expanded her offering to include “Inside Out” beauty coaching.



I’m a professional stylist specializing in total image makeovers. I use my experience, training and instincts to help every woman who comes before me leave feeling enlivened and able to make the daily decision she is indeed beautiful. 

She who suspects she’s missing something and doesn’t know how to find it—especially all in one place! For the woman who wants to be able to pull off being like that gal who walks into the room believing she’s the bomb. 

This is your chance to have a rock star stylist make you over, teaching you simple techniques to bring out your beauty. After a lifetime in the theatre doing makeup and a history of cutting everyone’s hair and taking them shopping, I was called to build my own center for styling and studied with the renowned, Nick Arrojo from “What Not To Wear.” I expanded upon the central focus of hair, makeup and clothes to incorporate a lifetime passion for helping people feel great about themselves inside and out. 

We set up a time to meet and decide which of my styling options works best for you. I’ll know the best ways to bring out your beauty and heighten your self image, and we do it!  

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