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Lifestyle Tip:

In my styling practice, I often hear concern about hair loss. It’s not necessarily that hair strands are falling out, as we age, our hair feels less full because the diameter of the strands shrink. There are many factors that damage hair, and one of them is UV rays. Be mindful of the blazing sun if you want to keep your luscious locks.

Lifestyle Tip:

Eat vegetables raw. Deserea says that when you put greens through the blender, it breaks down the cellular wall of the vegetable and makes the nutrition immediately available to your body. It’s a powerhouse shot to the system. Many of my friends and I identify more and more with Nutritarians. According to googly google: a Nutritarian diet is a way of eating which bases food choices on maximizing the micronutrients per calorie. It is not sufficient to merely avoid bad fats, consume foods with a low glycemic index, lower the intake of animal products, or eat a diet of mostly raw foods. A truly healthful Nutritarian diet must be micronutrient rich.

Lifestyle Tip:

Try waking without an alarm clock. On the Boston shoot, I styled a pretty redhead who had big purple circles under her eyes. We ran through probable causes until I realized she stays up late because her husband is a night owl. Everyone needs a different amount of sleep. Don’t stay up late as a habit and then jar yourself out of needed sleep in the morning. Remember, Dr. Christiane Northrup says go to bed at 10. Every hour before midnight is worth twice as much after it.

Lifestyle Tip:

I notice I talk out loud sometimes when I work, and I see photographs of the way I study a subject with my head tilted. I’m also aware of people studying my face to gauge how it’s going as I work on their outfit, hair and makeup. When they see me express delight with the final results, they perceptibly change in front of my eyes from merely beautiful to glowing. See everyone’s beauty and approve of it. Or as the yogis say, see God in everyone.

Style Tip:

This is the season for having your picture taken at events, weddings, and graduations. I’m off doing a photo shoot in Boston with my photographer friend, Liz Linder, (, and together we came up with a couple helpful tips for being captured on camera. I always suggest, no matter how you feel about it generally, wear makeup if you’re going to be photographed. Just a smidge more than you would normally wear. Foundation should be a tad lighter than your skin tone through the center of your face. Don’t wear any product that shines (hair or face). Brush a color slightly darker than your skin tone in the crease of your lid and add an extra V of liner on the outer corner of your eye. Never stand directly under a light shining down on you for photos.

Liz says, lean into the camera a bit and don’t tuck your chin in. Also, she notices most people immediately respond to what they hate the most about their looks in front of the camera. If it’s their neck, people stretch it up so much, that’s all the she sees. Tightening lips to hide imperfect teeth is unattractive, and you’ll look better if you relax your mouth.

Lifestyle Tip:

Again I got help from cleanse master, Julian Devoe. Not only did he turn me on to plant based super proteins (chlorella, hemp protein, spirulina–all great for smoothies), he laid this on me:

As you change things in your diet and routine, your body will begin to regulate. Keep inquiring and the answers will be offered. Begin to look at what is working, what is feeling good, where you are experiencing joy. Eat well, exercise and enjoy yourself and that will remedy lots of things.

Lifestyle Tip:

From the good Doc:
In all of the things you do for your health, be happy. It’s for you, and not to please anyone else. Make your life work for you.

Lifestyle Tip:

After years of suffering from being a messy kid, I learned, “everything has its place; everything in its place.” And I went with that for years. Now I’m learning if I want to make things more than just beautiful on the outside, but beautiful on the inside as well, this work is important. As we cleanse the outside, the inside is cleansed. As we cleanse the inside, the outside is ready to be transformed.

Lifestyle Tip:

While at the ashram, I attended four talks on digestion by the fabulous, guest speaker, Dr. John Douillard. He says, if we’re snacking between meals, we’re keeping our blood sugar up all day and not burning fat. Toxins are stored in fat, and it’s important to burn it for all kinds of reasons. America’s number one health issue is high blood sugar levels leading to diabetes and a host of other problems (including tiredness). So the idea of five little meals a day is out and the original routine of three meals a day is back.

Drink water before your meal. Acknowledge your food by focusing on it while you eat.

Lifestyle Tip:

Michael says, to see how these things work, try them for a month. Lifestyle changes start in a small way.

Lifestyle Tip:

Marie says, insight without action is worthless.
Nate says, do things that scare you.

Health Tip:

I know, in a pinch you think, how bad can a piece of bread be? I’m starving and I’m here…But nine grain bread or whole grain/whole wheat bread in fast food places uses azodicarbonamide, a chemical that causes asthma. Banned in Europe, Australia, and Singapore, companies get huge fines if they use it. Vani suggests avocado on a salad if you do find yourself in a fast food joint. I put homemade dressing inside an avocado and scoop as a lunch at work. Did you know avocado has protein? If you want bread, do Ezekiel. There’s no flour in it, it’s a whole grain that won’t spike your insulin levels. It’s rather like cardboard actually, but it serves its purpose.

Agave, the oh-so-popular, goes straight to your liver and has a high concentration of fructose–80% higher than high fructose corn syrup. Like booze, anything that goes straight to your liver causes belly fat! Use coconut palm sugar instead. It’s from the sap on the tree and has low glycemic. Personally I can’t stand Stivia but if you can, be sure you get the pure ones that are not processed like Truvia or Pure Via.

Gatorade, is sugar and chemicals and salt. Until recently it contained a fire retardant. Nature’s electrolytes include: Raw coconut water (make sure it is the raw one only), celery (this is top of the dirty dozen so eat organic), and chia seeds also keep you hydrated.

Almond milk and dairy products often include processed carrageenan, a seaweed product that goes wrong and disrupts the GI tract. Read labels on this one. Or make almond milk at home. Use four cups of water, 1 cup of almonds that are soaked overnight, blend and strain.

I tend not to eat out of cans because so often companies who are BPA-free don’t tell you. There are good ones like Eden. But the liners for things like tomatoes will always have BPA. Best to make sauce with fresh plum tomatoes. Careful for your pet’s food as well.

For a little sweet, instead of going with frozen yoghurt which is full of garbage now and doesn’t have the probiotics we were originally looking for, (plain Red Mango is one of the cleanest), try making your own ice cream with organic coconut milk by Native Force that has no BPA in the can. Put in blender with vanilla and frozen banana and chocolate, etc. Blend or put in a vitamix, then freeze or use an ice cream machine!

Lifestyle Tip:

Turn fear over to something bigger than yourself daily. My friend who did the Mama Gena workshop with me said it well. It’s about adding in a piece. Have social time with a friend, especially at lunch. Dance breaks, yoga, anything to laugh. Be good to yourself in a myriad of measurable ways. And sing. Steve Chandler says entrepreneurs do well to work four days a week only in the business. I had a financial advisor look at my total picture to establish a plan. Financial clarity is calming.

Stop thinking, “I have to” and, “I don’t have time.” I tell myself everything always gets done.

Lifestyle Tip:

Want to help combat the nasty effects of our youth culture? Compliment every woman on her style when you recognize it.

Style Tip:

I live in WHERE WOULD I WEAR IT, NEW HAMPSHIRE. Women walk into my boutique and tell me they have no place to wear our clothes. In my buying, I’ve brought the style down, down, down to plain old down-to-earth, and still, they ask themselves this question. I say, hey, I live here and I dress, and they say to me, “Yes, but you’re Kate.” Starting to get the picture? Coco Chanel’s famous statement, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory, ” could be adjusted to our time and place as, please add an accessory… Pajamas are a state of mind. Dress for pleasure; dress for yourself. Look what dowdy has done for Edith. Beauty is a decision.

Style Tip:

Speaking of roses. Do you have a “rosy complexion?” Not just the flushed young girl in love type? Are you tempted to have those unsightly capillaries zapped off at the dermatologist? Don’t despair, it’s a sign of beauty! If it weren’t for your translucent skin, we wouldn’t see them. Tell your lover to avoid contributing to the rose trade in Kenya–which is upsetting global ecology. Get rose CREAM instead (in our case Dr Hauschka from Germany). Rose calms the offending inflammations in question.

We all know the problem gets worse with wind, spicy food and wine. Did you also know it can be an indicator of stomach issues? As early American farmers such as John Adams and his pen pals noted, everything begins in the gut. Inflammation conditions in the body generally do. Dr Kate is in the house.

Try soaking grains before cooking and avoid the most indigestible ones such as wheat, corn and soy. Skip dairy as often as possible. Use a tad of green-based makeup. Green is the opposite of red and neutralizes redness on your skin.

Lifestyle Tip:

You can’t do happiness with your head. It’s a body deal.

After releasing hyper focus, there’s space for something else. Regena has always recommended getting the feel-good chemicals going before you leave the house. (Yes, they are released in the brain but for the most part, they come by moving your body, connecting or creating.) What lights you up that you could do every morning? That will in fact help you surrender. Most of us know things come to us easily when we happen to be in this sparky state. But intention is called for here. It’s a discipline to add in the fun.

Health Tip:

Is all of this giving you one of your migraines? Check out some of these remedies.

Take mint the second there’s a hint your migraine is on its way. I always have mint tea bags with me. But have you tried glucosamine? There’s a study that shows it produces a reduction in severity and frequency of migraines. Anything, right? Want to try something more radical? Email me.

Attitude Tip:

Are you sacrificing kindness, courage and doing the right thing to defend worn-out behavior? Have a sneaking suspicion YOU might be the problem in your last conflict? Congratulations. Want to try some things to shift your happiness level? Here are some excellent places to start: The Landmark Forum; Byron Katie’s School for the Work; The School of Womanly Arts; and 12-step programs.

Lifestyle Tip:

Ask yourself when making a decision, will this make me happy? Will drinking this extra glass of wine or being unkind when you don’t have to make me happy? The wine may bring momentary pleasure as things can, but in the long run, it’s not helping me to feel I’ve done with my day what I set out to do. As far as unwholesome action, is having kidnapping and murder reporting going in the background good for our mental messages? Does it arouse feelings of connection and compassion? I choose to surround myself with people and an environment that doesn’t bombard me with negative stuff. That doesn’t mean avoidance of all potential conflict. Getting out and swimming is part of the deal.

Style Tip:

Do your bangs seem to grow more quickly than the rest of the cut? How can that be? Even if she gives free bang trims, who has time to run to the salon between cuts? Click here to watch Kate’s instructional video on how to cut them yourself at home. “Home brew” – what?

Attitude Tip:

This is the extension you’ve been waiting for: You have until the January 30th to get yourself together. As we are leaving this Water Snake year, think about it as shedding the skin of what no longer serves you. We can bring things about easily in the Horse Year. But prepare for it. Know where you want to go before getting on the horse, and give a nod to what you want to manifest. Any small action can help, even if it’s putting a label on the file folder for the book you want to write.

Health Tip:

If I feel off kilter, the best place for me to start is by taking 5HTP at night to bring up my serotonin levels. I cannot create any desire list for bringing in the New Year (more on that later) if my mood is low. 5-HTP promotes sleep and is excellent for curbing food cravings.

If I’ve eaten something that plain old disagrees with me, I eat papaya enzymes from the health food store.

If I’m dragging around eating things trying to get my energy back up from a night out or a strenuous workout, I take Emergen-c electrolytes in my water from the little packets.

Skin Tip:

Mix castor oil into your coconut oil and apply after your shower or bath. And voila! Moist skin again. The Polynesians used coconut oil for years. It’s completely natural and not to be confused with palm oil. Many of us know, if used on a regular basis it serves as sun protection. Castor oil is absorbent, leaves your skin soft, and is good for your joints. One caution however; the concoction will stain your clothes if you don’t wait long enough to let it sink in.

Tip number two: Try your best not to walk out in cold weather after having just bathed and opened your pores.

Lifestyle Tip:

Forging on when your body wants to do less leads to adrenal fatigue. Don’t do it. It will bite you in the ass later. So try treating yourself as if you were a rescue animal. What would you do for that disoriented new member of your household? Well, horse people immediately put their equine on a routine and let him know what to expect: Feed on a regular schedule, a clean, quiet barn, and exercise at the same time of day. Or what if you pictured a little kid in your care? What would you ask of that three-year old? Would you push her beyond her ability and have her drink coffee to keep going? Ok, so my point is to do a ton of self care at this time of year. Every day establish what you are going to eat ahead of time. Eat warm food in the morning and evening. Go to bed early and let yourself sleep more time. Stay off the excesses of anything that turns to sugar. Walk and breathe in fresh air (because when the heat is on we need to get clean air into the bottom of our lungs), drink water, keep the caffeine to a minimum. Then wear cute clothes that are planned out the evening before. In fact, the more I prepare my day the evening before, the better my day goes.

Lifestyle Tip:

Most of us know it’s not about your weight anymore, though Kate Moss’ infamous statement, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” still amuses me. But now, looking good is about feeling good. It’s about avoiding the foods that are not recommended for YOU, not some theory approach. Drink water and get really fit. I mean REALLY fit. The little boot camp movie I made for my blog is cute and fun. But in the cold, after a long, sedentary day at work it’s not easy to change into your duds and get your carcass over to torture camp. It’s a decision. Remember? Beauty is a decision? My motto? It’s the foundation for making your life fun and productive, stylish and sexy. Ok, we haven’t gotten to the sexy yet as I wanted to ease you into things. But here’s step one. I feel confident in my clothes no matter what I wear because I feel my body under them. And lazy fitness creates lazy thinking. It’s your choice. Find a way to workout that pleases you and stick to it. (If you haven’t’ seen my little movie on, Change a Habit, Join a Pack, go to my blog and watch.) I like to lift weights and do yoga, but that may not be your cup of tea. Get clear on what your cup of tea is for fitness, and go do it.

The renowned businessman, Richard Branson’s answer to an entrepreneur’s question about the number one thing to do to make your business work better? Work out more. Everything goes better if you stay in shape.

Lifestyle Tip:

To lift your mood, swing your arms while you walk. Ever see speed-walkers flinging their arms out in front of them? When you cross the midline of your body with the swing, it brings the two sides of your brain together and strengthens the corpus callosum, the structure that connects the left and right brain hemispheres. Use this cross lateral movement and keep your eyes looking upward. This stimulates the dopamine in your brain. Walking outside while swinging your arms is a great antidepressant. I do it in daylight of any kind to stimulate ideas and motivation.

See me demo a technique that achieves the same thing as walking, takes little time and can be done indoors: Ok, I did it in my pjs…

Style Tip:

As summer tans begin to fade, many people attempt to keep the glow in ways that just don’t look right. I find the worst version to be using an overly dark foundation. What makes us look interesting is all the highs and lows that occur naturally but are not necessarily apparent. They’re difficult to reproduce. But the prettiest is using bronzer over your own skin-color makeup and blush.

Try this:

Apply bronzer to a big powder brush and blow on it. Place first on your temple and draw a big E. The top half of the E is a half circle from temple to under cheekbone and the bottom half from under cheekbone to under jawline. Connect your face to your body by going across your collarbone with a small amount of bronzer (buying the correct bronzer applies to any skin tone).

If you still need help, check below for the link to my training video on the website.

Attitude Tip

Ask for what you most want for your life, and know it’s coming toward you. I remember shocking Regena by saying I didn’t believe in anything bigger than me. But now I keep a fortune cookie slip on my bathroom mirror. It says, “Faith is knowing there’s an ocean when all you can see is the stream.” Give thanks for your current life and go play often and big. Find amazing women and stay in close contact.

#12 Miami invitation

Attitude Tip

Packing well takes time. Jamming things in and over-packing is the lazy way to go. Mix and match everything. Carry your bikini in your handbag. It’s easy to replace clothes when your luggage goes missing but not a great fitting suit. Never pack your jewelry even in the overhead bin. Keep it close and think about not taking your best, best hardware on trips.

Attitude Tip

Have the moral courage to tell your stylist you want to experiment elsewhere. Thank her for what you shared/what she gave, and wish her well. A quick note will suffice.

Style tip

What is fried looking hair, how did it get that way, and what can you do about it:

So no one in my experience likes to know the science behind anything. But as many of you are learning, I tend to encourage not to turn your power over to anyone—not your stylist, not your doctor, not your vet. Do you even know the brand name of the product your colorist uses on your head?

The first thing you notice when someone’s hair is “fried” is that it doesn’t shine. It is matte, opaque, and often has that unnatural all one-color-look. You can see this person coming from across the street. A walking head of fly-a-ways. Her ill-trained colorist will often attempt to add dimension to the flat, frizzy look with highlights and low-lights, essentially worsening the health of the hair. (I’ll have an upcoming blog on How to Leave Your Stylist, here.)

Modern color technology keeps your hair healthy, able to shine and hold a cute cut and color. Badly trained colorists pull the permanent root color all the way through to the ends at the last minute of a client’s process, because they never bothered to learn the new technology. You want a lower alkaline product on the ends when they need refreshing. It’s called color balancing with a temporary color. It’s all about the polypeptide chain and what it can do.

A hair strand has three layers. The first layer is the cuticle. It’s shaped like a petal and should be shut tight to keep water and the environment out. But in order to lighten hair, you must open it to remove the melanin from the second layer, the cortex. Once that color is gone, you don’t need to keep hitting it with an atomic bomb, it’s gone. The opposite should be occurring. Every possible thing should be done to close the cuticle. Cold water, Neem, serums, low detergent shampoo and good conditioner—all the healthy stuff for hair.

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve always got.

Attitude Tip:

If you want to change a habit, don’t attempt to throw it out the window, walk it gently down the stairs. (I learned this from Mama Gena.) What I hear constantly from my clients is, “ I have to do such and such.” Now I know that thing is never going to happen the minute I hear have to or should. Instead, I suggest you notice when you are doing/saying whatever it is you want to change. Kindly observe first, and know that language is a powerful tool. I want to do such and such is so much more likely to produce results than the piling on of more to-dos. But it’s best to say your “want to” thing when you are in a place to take steps and fling it out to the universe with abandon, not when you are down in the dumps. Otherwise it’s all just another way to take a whip to your back—and the one thing we don’t need is more of that.

Style tip:

When you put away summer clothes and change out your closet, make sure you put your a-list only fall/winter items into it. I pay attention to my initial response to each item emerging from storage. Slow down and be mindful. If you don’t wear something, hold it out to get ideas from an expert on different ways to style it or go with your initial instinct and get rid of it. I find that with the things I say, oh, I’ll give it one more season to see if I’ll wear it tends to be the thing that hangs untouched for one more season.

Style Tip:

Fashion trickles up. As I always say, watch what the kids are doing because it’ll be hitting the mainstream next.V

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