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What is Beauty

and Bumping Up Your Assets

How To Proceed

At the root of all beauty is how you feel about yourself. Shifting habitual thinking and inner commentary isn’t as hard as we fear. We start with baby steps and exercises with partners to break the isolation of self-disapproval.

Bumping up
your Assets

1) Finding a good stylist:

visual, face shape, hair color
great technician
hair type, hair condition

1b How to leave your current stylist

2) Finding out where to part your hair:
arch of eyebrow

3) Makeup do's and don'ts:

worst is wrong color foundation, aging to have it too dark--use bronzing powder E
do a neutral palette
concealer breaks lines below
eyeliner no nos
brown makes blue eyes bluer
purples make green eyes greener

4) Eyebrow tips

should be the color of roots, not lighter
frame for your face
shape is important

Beauty is an Attitude
It defines the Way We Live Our Lives

I’ve come to understand that beauty is an attitude that transcends how your body is shaped, your budget, societal norms, old thinking and habits. It’s been my experience that so few of us really know how to approach it. My history as an actress, dancer, boutique owner, writer, teacher, stylist, and makeover artist had me primarily approaching beauty from the outside. Somewhere in there I found myself working with the women who came before me from a different point of view. And once they had the inner managed, it was then easy to take care of the external.

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