One stop shopping for your entire styling: a complete look with hair, skin, makeup, clothes, colors, accessories. Then to put the icing on the cake, we cover your sense of beauty in the world.

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Group Seminar/Session

$195 each person

Some groups have Book Club. Some have Botox parties. The smart ones have me. For our little party, there’s no reading homework and no injections. Just you, me, a bunch of your friends, a lot of transformation, and maybe a little wine. You get the group together, I’ll get them feeling *put* together. We’ll cover clothes, hair, skin, jewelry, makeup, and inner confidence to go with it all. How it works: You’ve heard of show and tell? This is show and style. Each of you brings something for me to review. One person might bring makeup. Another might bring a rack of clothes. Each one of you gets my full attention for a full hour. 


VIP DAY in Kate’s Studio

5 hours - $795

What could be more fun than staying at an adorable New Hampshire inn all arranged for you? Then I come get you and escort you to your center of pampering and style transformation!   You get fresh hair style and color, all with clear instructions for your stylist at home. ...and so fun to go over your best looks... be sure to bring me wardrobe pieces you’re uncertain about, and I’ll help you see if they’re right for you. We do a makeup review, look at your colors, and most importantly, how to keep up your sense of fun with your adorable self. 

VIP DAY 2 at Kate’s Studio

5  hours- $645

A second day? How delicious to delve into lifestyle and do a shopping trip using the style ideas we went over yesterday. We cover my boutique, Kate Goldsborough Stylist, or hit Bella Funk down the street. 

Follow-up sessions to sock it all in? Yes!  Reviews via phone or Skype included as needed.


VIP DAY at Client’s House

We cover the works or your specific desire. Working in the house gives me a clear picture of what can use my attention.

Sometimes people have a clear objective. Other times they have unclear goals; they just know that I’m coming in to clear clutter, or look at a lifestyle issue. We can cut hair, do makeup and look at clothes. When it comes to your closets, save yourself money and time and follow our instructions to clear your closet as much as you can handle. Click here for our closet prep instructions, then sign up for our newsletter to get the password. However, if you need me to walk you through the entire closet-weeding process, I can do that.

After hair, makeup, clothes and jewelry, we usually end up in the kitchen looking at your food and vitamins. And then sometimes it happens that I might say, "I see you only live in 3 rooms in this mansion; do you really need all of this and wouldn’t you have more fun living in the village?" You never know what comes up, and that’s the beauty of having me in your house. I see it all. We work fast and hard, and we cover a ton of ground.

When I'm finished with you, you will understand that when you shop A-list only you never bring in extra, less-than-perfect things. You are going to make everything you bring into your life, into your brain, into your closet, into your body, A-List only! It’s my philosophy and I'll show you how to do it for your style. It really streamlines your life and lifestyle. They say women get really depressed with clutter, and I know from my own life that it's true. A weight is lifted when things are streamlined; your mind becomes clearer. I’ve done a lot of in-house and then later coached from a distance, and it’s really valuable.


VIP DAY at Client's House Pricing

Up to 75 miles away from Franconia, NH
Half Day (3hrs) $450
Full Day (5-6 hrs) $795

75-200 miles away
Half Day (3hrs) $650
Full Day (5-6 hrs) $995

Beyond 200 miles away
Half Day (3hrs) $795
Full Day (5-6 hrs) $1,195