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"Beauty is a Decision"

Six Weeks of:

Beauty from the inside out.
Beauty from the outside in.

Private lifestyling consultation.
Online modules, including videos.
Group telephone calls.
Exercises and practice.

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Why Should you take this class?
Lets ask Tatiana.

Kate must be using some ninja mind techniques, because after taking her class two of my long-standing desires manifested: a) to savor my food and eat slowly and b) to exercise every day and enjoy it. BIG stuff! The class totally exceeded my expectations. The beauty she teaches goes way way deeper than your appearance and your skin—it’s all the way to your soul. I felt that I was being plugged into the top secret knowledge of how to live a really good life—by a person who really knows what they are doing. Every woman should take this class, and our world will be a much better place.


At the root of all beauty is how you feel about yourself. Shifting habitual thinking and inner commentary isn’t as hard as we fear. We start with baby steps and exercises with partners. Group work breaks the isolation of self-disapproval and reduces growing pains.
I’ve come to understand that beauty is an attitude that transcends how your body is shaped, your budget, societal norms, old thinking and habits. It’s been my experience that so few of us really know how to approach it. My history as an actress, dancer, boutique owner, writer, teacher, stylist, and makeover artist had me primarily approaching beauty from the outside. Somewhere in there I found myself working with the women who came before me from a different point of view. While it seems superficial to start with the external, often it provides a boost that allows one to tackle the habit self criticism.

You may not consider yourself a “beauty course” type. 

This isn't seven steps to Kim Kardashian’s eyes or an extended Color Me Beautiful class, finding the best jeans for thick thighs, or the right swimsuit for a full figure. This isn’t about buying a bunch of new clothes; this portion of the workshop is about creating a comfortable style that complements you in all your variety. I’ll teach you to build a look that uses key pieces already in your closet.

Maybe you’re not your ideal weight, and you think it’s because of menopause, kids, stress, lack of time to cook or to learn to shop healthfully. I can teach you to not diet. Instead, I’ll teach you how to eat, even more than what to eat. As a result, you’ll feel great and will be delighted when you look in the mirror.

Hate to exercise? Don’t really have time? Together we’ll find a sustainable routine that becomes part of your day.

People are attached to their things, even when they know they have too much. Clients tell me they’re overwhelmed by their stuff--even if they’re weeding every season. Organizing and helping declutter is one of my strengths. You’ll get clear and articulate your vision of your home, you’ll have a plan to achieve it, and you’ll be surprised by what else shifts in your life the moment you start the clearing process.

How are you leaving your house when you go out? Do you feel put together? I’ll give you a simple routine that gets your day off to the right start so when you walk out the door. When you look good, feel good, you play well. You'll meet and work with other cool women who are taking action to have more joy and beauty in their lives.

After a session with me, people walk away feeling great.

The program is designed to bring one to the understanding that beauty IS a decision.
It will help you to:
  • feel beautiful
  • look beautiful
  • change your inner   dialogue
  • change daily habits
  • streamline your routine
  • get your look down
  • know what it is you
    want in life
  • accept yourself and
    your beauty.

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