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Group class

Six Weeks of:
Beauty from the inside out.
Beauty from the outside in.

Weekly group calls.
Partner exercises.
Private consult with Kate.
A new online module weekly.

Are you stuck in a vicious cycle of self consciousness while the years continue to slip away and you don’t get to be fully who you want to be in this world?

"Do you feel so self-conscious about your body that you skipped your kid's third grade play because you had nothing to wear?" "

Are you beating yourself up because you felt like you should have started wearing sunscreen 10 years ago and now your wrinkles are paying for it?" 

"Do you feel like your 13 year old knows more about beauty and make-up than you do?"

I GET IT. We all have these moments. And I'm here to tell you, there's an action plan that keeps you feeling strong and centered, and firmly rooted in your beauty. 

If you want: 

to be centered 
to feel confident
to look and feel beautiful
to do the things in life you’d do if you believed you were beautiful

Then come on and check out the six week group course that will bring your inner and exterior worlds together. 

I have worked with hundreds of clients who were mired in doubt and stalled in life and love because of low confidence, and helped them break through. 

This program is conducted twice a year and the next one is Spring 2018. Tuition is $395.

See all the details you need below, including:
-What you will gain by taking this program
-Testimonials from women who have taken the class
-My story and how I have honed my skills
-Money back guarantee 

Don’t hesitate to reach out directly to me with questions. 

Yours in Beauty,

What You Will Learn 
How to be centered and prepared for the day
Ways to eat like a queen for life 
Daily movement that you like
A grooming routine personalized to you
An organized closet of clothes that inspire you
A toehold on decluttering your world and the reasons why you want to do it
Exercises to make your day fun and remind you how what we choose to think affects what comes toward us

What The Course Includes
Breakthrough hot seats
open masterminding and Q&A with me
committed intensives on building unstoppable confidence
follow-up coaching to help you stay on track
A hand-selected community of like-minded women that you can relate to and grow with
“Daily Nuggets” from me that are downloadable reminders to keep you on track now and in the future
A one hour private session with me

Commonly Asked Questions

What if you’re not a beauty course type? 
This isn’t about losing weight or putting on makeup (though we cover some of that)

You don’t live locally? 
The group is from all over. We meet on the phone and online

You don’t have time? 
The module release can be done at your own pace

Sounds like too much work? 
You get results even hanging out in the milieu

Is the course just about superficial beauty? 
We’re talking deep stuff here with some fun along the way

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you complete the class, having done all the assignments and your daily partner exercises and don’t reap benefits… I will refund your money.

How To Get Started

Click here to step forward and jump into this transformational class. Once you sign up, you’ll receive an invitation to the introductory call .
My Beauty Story

I was a funny-looking teenager with a popular and beautiful older sister. I was in ballet where being small and thin was optimal and I was gangly and tall. In high school an older boy in my sister’s class a year ahead of me said loud enough for me to hear, “Boy that Goldsborough has a bod, but has she got a face like a dog!” This marred my confidence about my looks for years. 

All through my formative years I was always ravenous. When I broke my leg and couldn’t do sports for a while I began to gain weight. My father forbade me to go to the beach because I was looking tubby. Needless to say I developed dieting habits that threw my system into havoc. 

We all know these early influences can affect us through life. That isn’t even taking into account the underlying message women in our culture get, that our value is attached to our attractiveness. 
But guess what? I’m a survivor and I healed myself, and came out even better for it. It’s been a conscious effort over a long period of time to get where I am today, and I can help you.  

I have taught the tools I've learned to hundreds of women.  I developed the group class to reach more women and give them a community while doing it.    
Sign Up Now....And Get The Early Bird Pricing

This is not some sit down and listen to lectures kind of program. It’s not built for the masses. This is a private, closed door, roll up your sleeves and let’s get down to your experience with your beauty and transform it. The spring session 2018 is coming up. Call me to see if it's right for you. 603 616-9211

Tuition is $425. 
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