Style Tip: Dull Hair Fixers

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Does your hair feel like a crayon?  Especially when it’s wet?  Does it no longer shine?  Feel like you’ve been jumping in pond water?  There are several reasons for this.  The most common is minerals in your water. But your hair may feel funny because you are making a mistake with your choice of products. Many of the most widely known commercial shampoos have wax in them. Solution? Wash with a clarifying shampoo and leave the suds on your head for two minutes. This will break that old stuff down. Then change shampoos. (Don’t use the clarifier as your regular cleanser.) I recommend a salon product, but read labels! Avoid parabens and lauryl sulfates.  And just because it’s from the health food store doesn’t mean it’s pH balanced or without high detergents. 

It’s important to wet your hair thoroughly before you put shampoo on your head. This can also be a cause of dull-looking hair.

Kate Goldsborough