So you found me...

I’ve gone viral here on my new website! Isn’t it cool? The newsletter is a monthly phenomenon that gives you quick hits on topics I believe in--or as the California girls call it, Kate’s tips and tricks for living. Any current Boutique and Salon news will be included. And don’t forget to look for my free Facebook styling tip at Kate Goldsborough Stylist.

After listening to myself preaching about life and beauty for the last zillion years, I’m delighted to be posting my tenets here. I do my best to keep it entertaining and short. Topics run from the perfect eyebrow to big-life stuff.

My philosophy in all things is A-List Only. Everyone tells me it sounds elitist when really, it’s the intention with which I live my life. This philosophy means that everything in my space has been filtered to what best serves me--only the very best of everything for my look, body, mind and soul. No clutter. And I want to help you do the same. It’s what I teach and call lifestyling. If you want to know more about what I do, come on in to the store or hire me to talk at your event. You’ll surely be entertained and get a lot out of it.

Kate’s Style Tip of the Week: Obvious to some, but not to all (as we witness a lot), trying on jeans requires time and a willingness to try on many pairs. You may regret buying jeans that fit perfectly or are slightly big--they stretch out! So buy jeans slightly small, and make sure to wash them in cold water and never put them in the dryer.


Kate Goldsborough